Events for June 20 – July 3 – Discovery Cube OC Events for June 20 – July 3 – Discovery Cube OC

Discovery Cube Heroes (Camp 3)

Unlock the world of superheroes in our virtual Discovery Cube Superhero camp. Learn more about your favorite hero stars and what makes them so powerful while discovering how these superheroes relate to different areas of science. Learn about big cats, practice your agility, take a forced perspective picture destroying a city, and understand how to […]

Planet Patrol (Camp 3)

Planet Patrol is an exciting virtual summer camp for kids. Register your child today!

Creature Features (Camp 4)

Does your child love animals and want to know more about what makes them unique?  Discover animals that live around you and some that can be found around the world while getting up close and personal with animal ambassadors.  Focus on different classifications of animals to learn more about them in addition to understanding what […]

Planet Patrol (Camp 4)

Is your child a nature nut and wants to learn more about the environment?  Planet Patrol virtual camp dissects various aspects of the natural world and encourages campers to think of ways to protect our planet. Kids will become citizen scientists, identify various plants to learn their potential uses and design a water filter using […]

Code Constructors (Camp 6)

Calling all budding computer scientists: virtual Code Constructing camp needs you! Campers will learn all about computers, from circuitry to programming, as they experiment with programming software and alter the real world through a physical computing emulator.  By constructing text based programs, campers will create their own games and digital art. By the end of […]