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The Discovery Cube Connect is a new innovative educational platform. Connecting you with the best hands-on STEM resources on the web reviewed by both parents and educators who will provide independent expertise. Sign up here for a free account today!

Featured Science in a Snap

Chemical and physical reactions occur all the time when you cook. Experiment with some kitchen powders to learn how!

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Aprenda sobre las reacciones químícas y físícas con este experimento divertido de polvos y la cocina.

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Create a rainbow using light, a cup of water, and a blank piece of paper.

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Forma un arcoíris usando luz, un vaso de agua, y una hoja de papel.

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STEM Challenge

The average person throws away 5 pounds of trash each day. Most of the trash that gets sent to the landfill can be sorted and recycled, but with some inspiration you can turn the trash into treasure. Sort through your discarded objects, including your recycle and donation piles, to create a treasure out of your trash!

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