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Green Superheroes Wanted!

Our planet is calling on YOU to step up to the challenge! Discovery Cube and OC Waste and Recycling have partnered to bring an environmentally themed, eco-friendly exhibition to the Cube.

Master the skills of a green superhero by learning how to become an eco-friendly shopper and discover the importance of identifying and properly disposing of household hazardous waste. Then, get the dirt on trash and learn how to be wise about sorting trash. Eco Challenge gives superheroes of all ages the chance to make their own Earth-friendly choices… are you up to the challenge?

Meet the Eco Crew

Discovery Market

Meat & Seafood Boy scans meat Check Out

Discovery Market demonstrates the impact that various products and packaging materials have on the environment and teaches visitors to reduce waste before creating it by making responsible and mindful shopping choices. Guests will learn to identify environmentally friendly packaging and products by making their own decisions while shopping in a high-tech, simulated grocery store.

Race to Recycle

 Race to Recycle  Race to Recycle

Race to Recycle is a hands-on, highly interactive game in which guests are taught the difference between recyclables, household hazardous waste, including e-waste, green/yard waste and landfill waste. Guests are encouraged to apply the concepts learned in this game to sort their own household waste and to be mindful of conserving space in local landfills.

Eco Garage

Eco ChallengeInside Eco Garage, visitors are given a scanner and challenged to identify household hazardous waste items such as paint, gardening pesticides, motor oil, and batteries. The goal of this challenge is to teach guests to identify household hazardous waste in their own homes and encourage them to properly dispose of these items by taking them to their local household hazardous waste collection facility.

Eco Challenge aligns with science content standards for 3rd & 6th grades.
Download an activity booklet for 3rd grade. Click here >
Download an activity booklet for 6th grade. Click here >

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