Meet the Eco Crew - Discovery Cube OC Meet the Eco Crew - Discovery Cube OC

Meet the Eco Crew


Sandra is the greeter at the Discovery Market for all guests. She provides a quick overview of how to play the game; grab a cart, access a shopping list, make a selection by scanning an item and get started on the ultimate shopping experience!


Located at the meat and seafood counter, Susie is the butcher in Discovery Market. She provides helpful hints on wasteful packaging and items that can and cannot be recycled.

Susie’s Tip:
With seafood, your best choices include Pacific Halibut, Spiny U.S. Lobster, Alaskan Wild Salmon, U.S. farmed Tilapia, and farmed Rainbow Trout. Make sure to avoid the Atlantic Cod, imported Mahi Mahi, farmed Salmon, all sharks, and Red Snapper.


Justin helps guests understand how to prep their household hazardous waste and get it over to the Household Hazardous Waste Center. Justin also works at the Discovery Market where he teaches guests how to read and understand labels on packages.

Justin’s Tip:
Make sure you buy products made from non-toxic plant materials instead of harsh chemicals. Look for ‘100% Biodegradable’ or the USA EPA ‘Design for the Environment’ seal on the label.


Courtney is a self-proclaimed “Produce Guru.” She works in the produce department inside Discovery Market and shares her eco-wisdom with guests.

Courtney’s Tip:
Only buy what you will use. Did you know 50% of California’s landfill waste is from food scraps? Help extend the life of our landfills by shopping smart!


Roxy is located at the Bakery Counter, as Discovery Market’s baker. She is friendly and wholesome, and enjoys providing fresh baked items to guests.

Roxy’s Tip:
Many pre-packaged items are shipped from far away. This means they use more energy and need extra packaging to keep them fresh. Unfortunately, this also means more waste that has to be recycled or even taken to the landfill.


Zac is the Waste Hauler Technician at Race to Recycle. Zac understands what is eco-logical and that organizing trash can be a challenge. Can aluminum go into the landfill bin, green waste bin, recyclable bin or the hazardous waste box? Get your game face on and play “Race to Recycle” to find out!


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