Inspector Training Course - Discovery Cube OCInspector Training Course - Discovery Cube OC

Inspector Training Course

Inspector Training Course, presented by the Orange County Vector Control District, has guests go on an adventure in their own backyard to find and eliminate invading vectors (mosquitoes, rodents, flies and ants) and vector-borne diseases!

Using a touch-screen tablet, guests make their way through the Inspector Training Course to learn how to coexist with and keep their home free from vectors in this competitive scavenger-hunt styled game. Protect the home to earn a badge!

Will you protect your house and earn the Inspector’s Badge?

Healthy LivingHealthy Living

We seek to educate families about healthy living and the interconnectivity of body systems, mental health and nutrition to increase their physical and psychological wellness. Programs and exhibits range from a grocery store teaching guests the importance of understanding packaging labels and nutrition facts to nature trails and ranches.


Discovery Cube is open daily except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


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2500 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Alternate transportation options are available via OCTA and Metrolink.